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Congress & Organisation
Ali Çağlar adopts a discreet approach when photographing corporate or diplomatic events. His focus is to understand the important moments and he works to ensure he captures the audience and speakers as judiciously as possible from the moment of set up until the final speech.
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Wedding & Engagement
One of the most important days in a couple’s lives, Ali Çağlar captures the romanticism and celebration of your special day. He works from early in the morning, documenting everything from the preparation to the vows and the festivities. His work allows you to relax and enjoy your day, knowing he is capturing all the special moments for you to enjoy forever.
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Music & Dance
As a musician himself, Ali Çağlar understands the energy that can come from a live music and dance performance. His photography seeks this energy and captures the electric moment between audience and performer. As well as this, he offers creative photo shoots for album covers and publicity photos.
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Archaeology & Survey
Ali Çağlar has numerous experiences photographing the grandeur of many incredible archaeological sites and breath-taking landscapes. His photography allows us a snapshot into the history of some of the world’s most beautiful structures.
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